Measuring impact

A systematic impact measurement process should be incorporated whereby the coordinator remains in contact with the researchers after the completion of meetings/consultations. Standardized surveys and/or questionnaires may be sent to the clinical trial representative in order to determine the YPAG’s impact on the clinical trial. Surveys should use rating scales and be composed of multiple questions to address the complexity of the YPAG’s impact. The qualitative measures should assess the context and process of the researcher’s involvement with the young advisors, whether any difference (positive or negative) was made in the quality of research, which component of a clinical trial was impacted as the result of the YPAG, and the extent of the YPAG’s impact beyond the clinical trial. Trial design may also be requested from the researcher by the coordinator so that an in-depth analysis of the YPAG’s impact can be carried out. Since children may not be able to sign confidentiality agreements, the client should be informed that only the coordinator will have access to the study design. Necessary confidentiality forms should be sent to the relevant personnel associated with the client. The moderator should disseminate the YPAG’s impact to the youth.